Fragments of Life

I’m surprised how half of the year’s gone already. Whoop and disappeared just how the smoke released from a puff of cigarette disappears into the infinity. I never really understood the concept of the vastness of this universe. Never invested such time to investigate and get to know all those secrets. All I know is, with every passing time, we are missing out the life we desire. We are greedy human beings, our desires are as infinite as the universe. But in between this process of chasing our wants, all we leave behind is the fragments of the bittersweet memories, engraved in time. Time that we leave behind, time that we’ll never get to touch again. Much as I want to make myself believe that with every fragments of those lost memories, something makes up for us in some parallel universe. I know you must be thinking I’ve gone crazy over my heartbreak or something.

But think about it, what if you have somewhere reached a place you couldn’t reach today, you have finally got the one you wouldn’t get in this lifetime, you have been living the dream you’ve been chasing all your (this) life. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we’d fulfil all our needs and wants and desires? Or would it?
But this paradox, this infinite possibilities of what-ifs, itself is good enough to console your mending heart and push you to live one more day with a smile.

Works great for me though.


One comment on “Fragments of Life

  1. I love the reflection in this. Reflection is a strong mentor in our lives, good or bad. It results in true wisdom and it is the wisdom gained by reflection that ultimately helps us mend broken hearts and realize our desires through a balance of ever changing joy and sorrow.


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