This blog is about me, my life.

  • Who am I? I am just a 21-year-old girl. rambling about my gorgeously eventful silly-tiny-world; Stumbling.. Fumbling… Mumbling… ❤

  • Where do I live? La-la-land! Hey I am not going to let you stalk me! 😛

  • What do I do? I eat, sleep and design. Basically an architecture student. :3

  • What is this entire fuss about? Nothing, really! 😀

If you follow my posts, you’ll find this guy called X.
Who is X? A stunningly handsome and successful guy who is every girls teenage dream; basically my first love, my ex. </3

I haven’t introduced any other characters yet, well, one might just be on its way. Coming soon.

Like it? Please spread the rumbles

Keep Rumbling ❤


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